Latest Apex Legends Instagram Teaser Clips

The official Apex Legends Instagram page posted three new clips recently, forming the bottom of a logo of some sort when viewed on their profile page.

The three clips are full of static and jerky camera work, making them hard to make out.

What is clear is that they all feature Valk, the upcoming new Legend for Apex Legends Season 9.

Apex Legends Valk Abilities

Valk is the daughter of Viper, a pilot from Titanfall 2 and one of Kuben Blisk's Apex Predators.

Using parts from a titan, Valk built a mobile chassis to wear, giving her mobility and firepower.

Looking at each Instagram clip closely, they seem to tease Valk's three main abilities in one fashion or another.

Camera 9 looks to focus on Valk's passive ability, VTOL Jets. This ability allows Valk to hover in mid-air when players hold the jump button.

There is no confirmation on how long players can hover like this, but it should allow for some pretty epic gaps to be crossed, giving Valk a nice advantage in the field when she has the high ground.

Camera 17 seems to show off Valk's Cluster Missile, her tactical ability.

This ability lets Valk fire a rocket that explodes multiple times, though there is no further description to let players know exactly how that will play out in-game yet.

The final clip, Camera 23, shows Valk blasting off, most likely referring to her ultimate ability, Skyward.

This ability lets Valk prepare to take off, giving other players a chance to grab on to her.

Once engaged, Valk blasts off into the air, skydiving once she reaches her max altitude.

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Apex Legends Season 9

Valk arrives in Apex Legends when Season 9 launches on May 4, 2021, and will feature the first bow to be included in the game.

Season 9 will also bring changes to Olympus, covering the map with roots and other natural growth.

What else will fans see introduced to Apex Legends?

There is not much more time until players find out.

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