How To Complete All Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs

Season 8 of Apex Legends is in full swing.

Players are continuing to work their way through the Battle Pass, get to grips with the new 30-30 Repeater gun, and continue to master Fuse, the newest Legend to arrive into the battle royale.

Alongside the new additions and the most recent changes made in update 1.59, Respawn loves to include some Easter Eggs throughout the game.

Some of these Easter Eggs have even made their way to the Firing Range.

Here’s how to complete all of the known Firing Range Easter Eggs.

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AI Dummies

This Easter Egg gives the training dummies a bit more life, making them a bit more of a challenge to eliminate.

To complete the Easter Egg, load into the Firing Range and as soon as you load in, open the menu and drop all weapons that you have equipped.

Head out of the spawn room and make a left turn to find another room. Once inside, use a Legend ability to jump onto the upper shelf.

Once positioned towards the rear of the shelf, crouch, look at the ground, and select another Legend.

When completed, head to the main area of the Firing Range and the training dummies will attempt to shoot you!

Check out the full video walkthrough courtesy of AEIOU below:

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Third Person Mode

Third-person mode made an appearance as a limited-time mode many moons ago, and this Easter Egg allows you to change the perspective of your legend inside the Firing Range.

Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, load into the Firing Range where you will find yourself equipped with a P2020. Drop it onto the ground.

Using abilities, head to the far-right corner of the map where you will find a large bush nestled away in the corner.

Once there, crouch, face the ground and use the menu to switch to a different Legend.

If all the steps have been followed correctly, the third-person mode will be activated.

The Hidden Nessy Dolls

Apex Legends Firing Range Nessie Doll
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Nessy dolls can be found throughout Olympus, King’s Canyon, World’s Edge, and most recently, the Firing Range.

To find the dolls, head to the right side of the Firing Range and head up the zipline. Dolls can be found on the upper platforms that can be accessed using Pathfinder or on the bone structure in the middle of the Firing Range.

Check the corners and you may encounter a huge Nessy Doll lurking in the water!

To check all of the spots, the best way to do this is by using Crypto’s drone.

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