How to Activate the Season 9 Arenas Teaser in Apex Legends and Earn the Ash Impress Me Badge

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With Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy almost here, time is running out for players to activate the Arenas Teaser and earn the Ash "Impress Me" badge.

Apex Legends players who earn the "Impress Me" badge will also receive an exclusive tracker for "Area Wins in a Row" once Season 9 launches.

Activating the Apex Legends Season 9 Arenas Teaser

Apex Legends Arena teaser
ASH: The head of the Arena

There are a few steps players need to perform to activate the Season 9 Arena Teaser.

Each step was released at different times, though all steps are now available for players to complete.

  1. Obtain a Corrupted Keycard from a Supply Drop
  2. Scan six Holo-Sprays in-game
    1. Three from King's Canyon
    2. Three from Olympus
  3. Activate the Invitation from the Firing Range

Obtain a Corrupted Keycard From a Supply Drop

Apex Legends Corrupted Keycard
KEYCARD: Three are dropped from every Supply Drop

This is the easiest step in the entire process.


All players need to do is access a Supply Drop during a match and snag one of the three Corrupted Keycards that pop out of it.

Once back in the lobby, there will be a com device in the lower right hand of the screen that players can click on to listen to a cryptic message from Ash.

Scan Six Holo-Sprays In-Game

Apex Legends Arena holo-spray
SPRAYS: There are sprays in almost every major POI in the game

Finding and scanning three holo-sprays from each map is time-consuming if players do not know where to look.

Thankfully, many videos on YouTube show holo-spray locations to make the process go by a bit faster.


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Activate The Invitation From The Firing Range


Once all six holo-sprays are scanned, Apex Legends players need to head to the Firing Range and up to the raised platform in the back left of the map.

Once there, they can activate a holo-panel to summon a dropship that will take them to a remote location in King's Canyon.

After entering a bunker and descending an elevator, Ash will welcome players to the Arena before players are sent back to the lobby, where the Ash "Impress Me" badge will unlock.

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