Apex Legends: Arena Mode Revealed In Latest Gameplay Trailer

It's been two years since Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends released, and even now, this free-to-play battle royale is still going strong. Having boosted Titanfall 2 sales with the upcoming inclusion of Valkyrie, EA's just lifted the lid on a new Arena Mode, and here's what you need to know.

Arena Mode Rules

Launching as part of Season 9's Legacy Update next month, Arena Mode offers players a 3v3 fight, taking place over several rounds. Your team must win three rounds to be declared victorious, but you have to win by a margin of two points. If it reached 4-4, that'll lead to a sudden death round.

You can't change Legends between rounds, and you'll pick them as per usual. Respawns are not permitted within the Arena, but you can revive teammates. There's also a set of crafting material containers spread out across the map, and like regular fights, the map slowly closes in over time.

At the start, players have limited time to access the Arena Shop, letting you purchase new weapons and items. Crafting materials will improve your gear, but all gear is reset each round, so don't get too attached to your new equipment. However, crafting materials can be saved, letting you buy better gear next time.

Is There A Ranked Mode?

Respawn has confirmed that upon release, a ranked mode will not be included. That will change in a future update, though we don't know when this is likely to drop.


Respawn offered a new Legacy Gameplay Trailer earlier today, and you can find Arena Mode around the 1:00 mark.

Arena Mode Maps

Upon release, Respawn has confirmed Arena Mode will have five separate maps, and three of them are based on existing locations. These are:

  • Artillery on Kings Canyon
  • Thermal Station on World's Edge
  • Gardens on Olympus
  • Phaserunner on Talos
  • Party Crasher on Komo
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