How to Play Solo in Apex Mobile

Feel like you're fighting against the odds when you're paired up with randoms in EA's latest mobile battle royale title? You'll probably want to learn how to play solo in Apex Mobile. Keep reading to find out when you might be able to go it around World's Edge on your own.

Apex Legends Mobile hasn't been out long, but it went through enough rounds of regional testing earlier in the year to know what's there, what isn't, and when you can expect a few new things. Ready to hear what we think we know.

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How to Play Solo in Apex Mobile

Right now, it isn't actually possible to play solo in Apex Legends Mobile. The handheld version of the game appears to be taking the launch approach of the main game to heart, featuring only trios in its Battle Royale playlists.

You'll actually notice a little player number icon at the bottom when you choose your mode, but you can't actually tap this to change from trios to duos or solo.

There's every chance you'll be able to in the future just like in PUBG Mobile, but right now, solo in Apex Legends Mobile isn't a thing outside of the practice course you can run as many times as you like.

A button in Apex Mobile might be used to switch to solo mode, but not just yet.
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When Will Solos Come to Apex Mobile?

It's hard to say when (or if) solo Apex Legends Mobile will ever become a thing. It took all the way until the Iron Crown event of Season 2 to bring solo modes to the PC version of the game, but it didn't stick around for long.

Being a mobile game, though, things could be different for solo in Apex Mobile. If it's requested enough, introduced to spice up the aging game, or brought in as a limited-time experimentation that could lead to its permanent addition, Apex Legends Mobile could get a solo mode - we just really don't know when. It's too early in the game's life to understand its average patch cycle.

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