Animal Crossing New Horizons - Villager gift guide

A villager singing after a player gives them a present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While they might not be every player's cup of tea, villagers can play a huge role in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They can be another piece of content for players to enjoy if they so wish. Of course, some villagers might get too talkative or annoying, in which case players can use some tricks to make them sail away.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can have a maximum of ten villagers on your island. Believe it or not, there's a points system regarding your friendship with each villager that can increase or decrease based on your interactions with them. Giving them gifts is one way to become best friends.

In this guide, we explain how to give gifts to villagers and some tips for raising friendship levels via gifting in New Horizons.

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How to gift villagers

A player gifting villager, Marina, a present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
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First and foremost, to be able to give a villager a gift, you need to already be good friends with them. This means speaking to them regularly! After a short while, you can choose between talking to them or giving them a present when you approach them. By selecting the second option, which will be along the lines of 'Here's a gift!' or 'This is for you.', your inventory opens.

You can then choose an item from your pockets to gift to that villager. If you're lucky, and they like it, they might even gift you something back!

You should also note that you can only give a present to each villager once daily, so make sure it's a good one! Additionally, you can look at how to time travel if you want to develop those friendships quickly.

Raising friendship levels via presents

A player with a present in their inventory after having wrapped an item using wrapping paper from Nooks Cranny, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
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There are a couple of things you should be doing to improve a relationship with a villager and some things you should avoid. We've noted these tips below:

Things to do

  • The best present you can gift to a villager is furniture.
  • The second-best presents you can gift to a villager are bugs, fish, tools, music, and clothing.
  • By wrapping presents using wrapping paper, you will gain additional points.
  • Each villager will have preferred styles and colours, which you can gather from their colour and how they act; keep this in mind when choosing your gifts.

Things not to do

  • Do not gift a villager trash. This will make them unhappy.
  • Do not gift a villager any furniture that you don't want to see in their home, as they will likely place it in their home right away.
  • The same goes for clothing. If you don't want to see the villager wearing it, don't gift it to them.

That's all you need to know about gifting villagers. Good luck becoming best friends with all your favourites! On the other hand, if you wish to try to rid your island of a particular villager, check out our guide here.

If you want to craft personal, unique gifts for your villagers, we also have handy tips on gathering materials and collecting DIY Recipes too!

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