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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Yay Day Event - Dates, Rewards and More

Animal Crossing New Horizons is entering the holiday season, which means an ample amount of content is coming soon! 

The major update is going to implement a ton of features including the brand new Toy Day.

Along with the new features coming soon, there is a lot of speculation about what is going to happen in the New Year. 

One of these events that players are hoping may occur is Yay Day.

Although the event has only taken place within Wild World; players are hopeful it returns this year.

Here's all we know! 



What Is It

Yay Day was a holiday event that occurred in Animal Crossing Wild World; where the players and the island's villagers would take turns complimenting one another.

Animalcrossingfandom.com noted the following when talking about the event: 

Yay Day is an event in Wild World. It is a holiday where the player and all their neighbors compliment each other.

Providing the villager with an appropriate compliment will increase the friendship level between the player and the villager in question.

Afterwards, there was a chance that later on during the year villagers would bring up the compliment you gave them during Yay Day. 

A unique feature that only Wild World had. 




If this event takes place within New Horizons; it will occur on the third Sunday of January. Which will be January 17th, 2021! 


Will It Happen? 

Whether or not this event occurs is unknown as of now.

It has not happened yet in New Horizons, but maybe with the New Year, they will release this event!

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