Animal Crossing: New Horizons - When Is Toy Day?

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Toy Day is one of the last events of the year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you choose to participate, you can dress up in festive clothing and frolic in the snow to bring cheer to your villagers. We're here to answer some vital questions about the event - when is Toy Day? What is Toy Day? and we show you what to do during the event too!

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When Is Toy Day?

Toy Day will happen on December 24th, which is also known as Christmas Eve! The event will run from the morning until the end of the day. However, Nook's Cranny will start selling toys from December 1st and we strongly recommend that you start collecting these toys as gifts for your villagers in the days leading up to Toy Day. This is not an essential part of helping Jingle, but this is an extra measure you can do to get a few things from your villagers.

Also, you will be able to buy pieces of festive clothing for the event at the Able Sisters shop from December 1st. The entire outfit will not include shoes, so you can wear any shoes that you want on the day. If you miss the outfit then do not worry, the Able Sisters should stock the entire outfit on the mannequins in the store on Toy Day.

What Is Toy Day?

Toy Day is the game's take on Christmas. You will help Jingle, a cheerful reindeer, deliver presents to your villagers.

What To Do On Toy Day

Visiting Jingle

The first thing you should do on Toy Day is put on your festive outfit (the Santa outfit) and head to the Plaza outside Resident Services. Here, you should find Jingle wandering around and you need to talk to him.

He will then say that he is helping Santa deliver gifts to your Island but he has forgotten wrapping paper. Jingle will give you a recipe for wrapping paper and you will need to craft 3 for him. This is the recipe for 1 piece of festive wrapping paper:

  • 1 Red Ornament
  • 1 Blue Ornament
  • 1 Gold Ornament

You can find ornaments by shaking decorated trees. These are the trees that have lights on them around your Island (if you do not have many then buy some saplings from Leif on Harv's Island and do a bit of time travel to get more). You can get a few ornaments by shaking the same decorated tree multiple times.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Event Villager dressed as Santa about to talk to Jingle the reindeer in the plaza
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Once you have made all 3 pieces of festive wrapping paper you need to give them to Jingle. In return, Jingle will give you a sack for delivering presents to your villagers and a set of Toy Day Stockings to decorate your home with. If you hang these up somewhere in your house, you will find a photo of Jingle the next day.

You will then be trusted with an important task, you need to deliver presents to your villagers. This bit is easy as you do not need to have any presents on you. The sack is magic and will have presents in it for them. All you need to do is walk up to a villager, chat with them and then hand over a gift.

After you have delivered a present to all of the villagers on your island, head back to Jingle who should still be near Resident Services. Jingle will then give you a gift and this should be a Toy Day Sleigh. Your work for Jingle will now be complete.

After this, you can wrap up any gifts that you have bought for villagers from Nook's Cranny and deliver them yourself.

Toy Day is one of the many annual events that happen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are multiple events for you to participate in throughout the year. However, if you are not interested in them then there are still plenty of things to do to enjoy your island. We have a guide that shows you how to use permanent ladders and a guide on how to grow a money tree.

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