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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Turkey Day DIY Recipes And Furniture Sets Guide


New Horizon's Winter Update has now gone live for players all over the world.


In what is looking like to be the last major update of 2020, Nintendo has implemented a ton of new features. 

Turkey Day and Toy Day are among the biggest highlights within this patch, but there are also some new reactions players are able to take advantage of. 

Speaking of Turkey Day, this event will be happening very soon and there is a lot to prepare for.

New DIY recipes have been added, along with some festive furniture.

Here's a full guide to Turkey Day DIY recipes and furniture!



During the Turkey Day event on the 26th of November; you will have the opportunity to earn some festive rewards. 

The Turkey Day Set will only be obtainable during the event, so be sure to log in on time.


There is a lot of new items going to be featured during this day.

Here are all of them and how you can craft them/earn them! 

Turkey Day Casserole - Cook dishes for Franklin to earn this recipe - 5 Iron Nugget and 1 Clay to craft.

Turkey Day Chair - Cook dishes for Franklin - 5 Wood, 2 Hardwood, and 2 Softwood to craft. 

Turkey Day Decorations - Cook dishes for Franklin - 2 Softwood, 2 Clay, and 5 Clumps of Weeds to craft.

Turkey Day Garden Stand - Cook more dishes for Franklin - 8 Stone and 3 Clay to craft. 

Turkey Day Hearth - Cook dishes for Franklin - 1 Campfire, 10 Clay, and 30 Stone to craft. 

Turkey Day Table - Cook dishes for Franklin - 10 Hardwood and 5 Softwood to craft. 

Turkey Day Table Setting - Cook dishes for Franklin - 4 Clay and 2 Iron Nuggets to craft. 


Turkey Day Wheat Decor -  Cook dishes for Franklin - 10 Clumps of Weeds to craft. 

Cornucopia - Cook four dishes perfectly on Turkey Day with a secret ingredient in order to unlock!


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