Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Upgrade The Museum And Get The Art Gallery

The Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is where you get to donate some of your hard-earned items, including artwork. However, there's no reason to donate art if there is nowhere for you to look at it! We're going to show you how to upgrade the Museum and get the Art Gallery.

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To upgrade the Museum and get the art gallery, you will need to find Redd when he visits your Island. We have a guide on finding Redd and buying artwork to help you out. Make sure that you do not buy a fake piece of artwork to donate to Blathers. If you try to donate a fake, Blathers will not accept it and you will need to wait until Redd shows up again before you get another chance to buy a different piece of artwork.

Once you've bought a real piece of art and it has been inspected by Blathers, you can donate it to him. After you have donated one piece of real artwork, the art gallery will open in the Museum the next day.

Where Is the Art Gallery?

You will be able to find the art gallery on the upper level of your Museum. As you head in through the main door, you should be able to see two sets of steps in front of you that lead upwards. Head up either side of these and you will reach the second level of the Museum which currently should only have one doorway on it. Head through the doorway to enter your art gallery.

What Is the Art Gallery?

The art gallery is where you will be able to see all of the artwork that you have collected and generously donated to Blathers. However, the Museum will only accept real pieces of artwork so be careful not to donate a fake.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Gallery Statue Exhibit
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You will be able to walk around the exhibit and examine the pieces you donated. Often, they will tell you who donated them to the Museum and give you a little piece of interesting information on them.

Your Museum is one of the many buildings you can have on your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you're interested in other buildings, you should take a look at our how to unlock all shops guide. However, if you want to get more donations for your Museum then take a look at our guide on all artwork and how to spot the fake ones.

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