24 Feb 2021 2:35 PM +00:00

Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Fish Arriving and Leaving In January

Animal Crossing New Horizons has had an incredible year so far, selling over 26 million units since its release in March.

Now, the game has just experienced an ample amount of events in recent weeks.

Toy Day and the massive Winter Update were all a success for the game.


As we move into the New Year, there is one aspect that is going to change.

That of course is all the new fish and ones leaving within the new month.

Here are all the fish arriving and leaving in January! 


Northern Hemisphere 

Fortunately or unfortunately, there appears to be no new fish coming or leaving within the Northern Hemisphere.

This only happens every now and then, so I guess your in luck if you have not caught all the fish for the winter months. 


Southern Hemisphere


  • Sweetfish - River
  • Napoleonfish - Sea
  • Puffer Fish - Sea
  • Blue Marlin - Pier
  • Ocean Sunfish - Sea

Leaving in January 

  • Tadpole - Pond

That is all the fish coming or leaving within January for both the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

Be sure to let us know which ones you missed out on from past months.

As well, let us know what you though about the wonderful Toy Day!