Animal Crossing New Horizons: Festive Christmas Ornament DIY Recipe List

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An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player stands outside of the Resident Services building in their Santa outfit, besides a Festive Tree crafted using a festive DIY recipe and ornaments.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' festive season is finally here, and it brings a bunch of new DIY recipes for you to collect and craft, too. These festive DIY recipes mainly require ornaments to put together that take the visual form of decorative baubles, and they'll give you plenty of items to make your island feel ready for Christmas.

In this guide, we explain how to get New Horizon's festive DIY recipes and list all the recipes up for grabs.


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How to Get Festive DIY Recipes in New Horizons

The festive season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons runs from December 15th to January 16th across both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. During this time, you'll be able to gather ornaments and festive DIY recipes!

All festive DIY recipes will be found by shooting balloons with your Slingshot, or in washed up bottles on the beach if you're lucky. The only exception is the Ornament Wreath DIY, which is given to you by Isabelle during a morning announcement whenever you first log in to New Horizons during the festive season.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons' player in a Santa outfit collecting ornaments for festive DIY recipes from Pine Trees.

To craft these festive DIY's, you'll need ornaments. Ornaments come in red, blue, and gold. All types of ornament can be acquired by shaking the festive-looking Pine Trees around your island. If the tree is lit up with decorative lighting, then that's where you'll find these crafting materials! Additionally, unlike when you may have been collecting Acorns and Pine Cones during autumn, these festive trees will not drop any resources such as branches; they will only drop ornaments.

All Festive DIY Recipes in New Horizons

There are thirteen festive DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We have listed all the festive furniture below and the crafting materials you'll need for them.

Festive DIY Recipe Crafting Materials Needed
Big Festive Tree6 Red Ornaments, 6 Blue Ornaments, 4 Gold Ornaments, 5 Wood, 5 Clay
Festive Tree3 Red Ornaments, 3 Blue Ornaments, 2 Gold Ornaments, 5 Wood
Festive Top Set2 Gold Ornaments, 1 Hardwood
Festive Rug5 Red Ornaments, 5 Blue Ornaments, 5 Gold Ornaments
Tabletop Festive Tree5 Gold Ornaments, 3 Tree Branch, 2 Clay
Illuminated Reindeer6 Gold Ornaments, 5 Iron Nuggets
Illuminated Tree6 Gold Ornaments, 8 Red Ornaments, 8 Blue Ornaments, 6 Iron Nuggets
Illuminated Snowflakes9 Blue Ornaments, 3 Iron Nuggets
Illuminated Present3 Red Ornaments, 4 Gold Ornaments, 3 Iron Nuggets
Ornament Mobile1 Red Ornament, 1 Blue Ornament, 1 Gold Ornament, 4 Tree Branch
Ornament Wreath6 Blue Ornaments, 2 Gold Ornaments
Jingle Wall5 Red Ornaments, 5 Blue Ornaments, 5 Gold Ornaments, 5 Clay
Holiday Candle5 Red Ornaments, 5 Weeds

That's all you need to know about Animal Crossing New Horizons' festive DIY recipes and furniture this winter. Have fun turning your island into a winter wonderland! For more New Horizons content, check out how to turn your island into a five-star paradise, or how to make the perfect Snowboy.