Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Island Visitors and What They Do

One of the joys of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the unique characters that appear on your Island. As you progress through life on your Island, you will find that NPCs will start to visit on random days. We're here to show you all Island visitors and what they do.

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All Island Visitors and What They Do

Each visitor will bring with them their own set of items for sale, rewards that they can give you or they can bring entire events with them. We've listed all Island visitors below and we've split them into the appropriate categories.

Each visitor will only appear if there isn't another one on the Island. The only exception to this is Pascal.



Leif will bring his stall to the Plaza outside of Resident Services. He will sell a variety of seasonal plant items, shrubs and flower seeds. Also, he will buy clumps of weeds off of you for a fairly good price.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Daisy-Mae
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Daisy-Mae can be found wandering around your Island selling Turnips for her Grandmother. Once you find her, she will sell you Turnips that you can hold onto and sell the following day. Turnips will last a whole week before they go bad, so it's worth checking the sale prices for them each day in Nook's Cranny to try to get the best price for them.


Kicks will appear with his stall in the Plaza outside of Resident Services. He will bring with him a selection of bags, shoes and socks that you can buy. His stock changes each time he visits, so if you see something you like it's worth buying it instantly.


Saharah can be found wandering around your Island when she visits. She can sell you mysterious flooring or mysterious wallpaper and she can rugs too. Each time you buy something from her, she will give you tickets. If you save up enough of these tickets, you can use them to buy items from her the next time she visits.


Redd is the notoriously tricky art dealer which explains why his visits are equally as tricky. The first time he visits, Isabelle will tell you a suspicious character has been seen nearby. You will then find Redd wandering around your Island and he will sell you a genuine piece of artwork. Once you do this, the next time he visits he will be on his boat which can be found on the "secret beach" of your Island. This is the beach that is hard to get to without a ladder and is hidden between cliffs, sort of like a cove. To see if Redd is on your Island, you will need to check this area for his boat.

Once you do this, Redd will have a few art pieces on display for extortionate prices. However, some of the art is real and some of it is fake so you should choose wisely. We have a guide on how to spot fake art to help you out.

Reward-Based Visitors


Animal Crossing New Horizons Wisp
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Wisp can only be found at night on your Island. The nervous little ghost can be found floating around your Island and you will need to speak to it. However, you will unintentionally scare Wisp and they will lose pieces of them. You will need to search around the Island to find their missing pieces and catch them with a Net. Once you have all of the pieces, you should head back to Wisp and the pieces will restore them back to their normal size.

Wisp will be really grateful for this and offer to reward you with either an expensive or rare item. It's your choice which one you ask for. They are typically either wallpapers or flooring


Label can be found with her suitcase and notepad in the Plaza in front of Resident Services. If you speak to her, she will ask if you will help. If you choose to help her she will give you a specific theme that she wants you to dress in and she will give you an item from that theme to give you an idea of what she's looking for. Then, you need to go off and dress up in whatever you think suits that theme (you can use the item she gave you if you want to).

Once you've changed clothes, head back to Label and she will assess you. If you pass, she will give you a piece of clothing that she has designed as a reward and you will receive some tailor's tickets in the Mail a few days later. Tailor tickets can be used to buy clothes at the Able Sisters,


Gulliver will appear to be unconscious on a section of your beach. After a few attempts to talk to him, he will wake up and realise he's fallen off of his boat. It will then be your job to dig around in the sand to find his communicator parts (look for little shadows in the sand). After you find all of them and take them back to him, he will call his crew to come and get him but he will remain wandering around for the majority of the day.

The next day or the day after that, you will receive a reward from him in the mail which are typically items from around the world.


Though he looks suspiciously like Gulliver, Gullivarr is a different character. He can be found washed up anywhere on the beach and will be unconscious. Once you wake him up, you will need to head into the ocean and find his communicator by diving (investigate the circular shadows, one will be the communicator). After you return the communicator to him, Gullivarr will call his crew to come and get him.

The next day or the day after that, you will receive a reward from him in the mail which is typically pirate-themed items.


Pascal will only appear after you have found a Scallop whilst diving in the ocean. Once you surface with the Scallop, he will pop up and ask you if he can have it. If you hand it over to him, you will be rewarded with mermaid-themed furniture or recipes.

Event-Based Visitors


Celeste will appear on clear nights or on the night of a Meteor Shower. If you see her walking around your Island, that's the sign that you need to be watching the sky too. Once you find her, you should talk to her and she will give you a recipe for items based on stars or star fragments.

K.K Slider

K.K Slider will visit your Island every Saturday once your Island Rating hits 3 Stars. After you reach this point, he can be found in the Plaza outside of Resident Services. If there is an event such as a Bug-Off scheduled for a Saturday, K.K will appear the Friday before.

He will play music throughout the day, but you cannot request any music or get any tracks off of him until after 6 pm. After 6 pm you can request a specific song of his if you know the name, tell him to choose a song based on your mood and you can simply let him choose for you. No matter what you choose, he will play a song and the credits of the game will appear as he sings. Once the song has ended, he will put a copy of the track into your pockets so you can register it on a music player and play it in your home.


C.J can be found wandering around your Island on random days and he is tied to the Fishing Tournament events too. On the day of the Fishing Tournament, he can be found in the Plaza outside of Resident Services and all you need to do is talk to him to participate. The first time you take part in the event, you will be able to enter for free but any time after that you will need to pay 500 Bells.

When C.J is wandering around your Island, you can sell any fish to him for a better price than you would get from Nook's Cranny. Also, he will be able to commission fish statues for you based on your favourite species. All you need to do is give him 3 of the same type of fish and the sculpture should appear in the Mail the next day.


Flick can be found wandering around your Island and he is tied to the Bug-Off events too. If he is hosting a Bug-Off, Flick can be found in the Plaza outside of Resident Services. To enter the event, you will need to talk to Flick.

If Flick is wandering around your Island, you can sell your bugs to him for a really good price. Also, if you give the same bug to Flick 3 times, a sculpture of that bug will appear in the Mail the following day.

Alongside villagers, the NPCs that visit your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are all unique characters that bring fun activities or items with them. If you want to go more into depth with one of the characters you should take a look at our guide on how to unlock K.K Slider. Also, we have some useful beginner tips if you're new to the game.

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