Returnal Has Cheats That Can Be Accessed With A USB Keyboard

Returnal is a very, VERY good game (we said as much in our review), but it's also pretty tough.

Selene's endless cycle of death isn't for everyone, but it appears a new series of cheats have been revealed via YouTuber TheRandomizer - and you'll need a keyboard to use them.

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Returnal Has Cheats That Can Be Accessed With A USB Keyboard

Before we start, it's worth mentioning that this is likely to be patched out very soon. It also won't disable trophies, but there's no option for infinite health or anything as troublesome as that.

Check out TheRandomizer's video below.

Essentially, you can use the keyboard commands shown to grab your favourite gear, then respawn back at your ship, and essentially endlessly earn items to make your run as easy as possible.

With Returnal receiving pretty regular updates, though, expect this oversight to be corrected very soon.

Looking to progress through Returnal without cheating? Good news, we've got plenty of guides, including how to get into the locked cargo bay in Helios and how to break yellow energy shields.

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