Returnal Save Game System May Come In The Future

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Housemarque may add a Returnal save game system at some point in the future. The developer responded on Twitter to a Reddit post asking that some kind of change be made in Returnal that lets players suspend their game without losing progress.

Housemarque didn’t fully commit to a save game system and said there’s nothing to announce at this point. However, the phrasing and tone suggest there’s at least something planned for the near future.

Games taking their inspiration from Rogue, such as Returnal, have permanent death and steep challenges as part of their identity. However, the Returnal situation is a bit different. While Hades, for example, doesn’t have save points, it can also takes just 30 minutes to escape from Hades.

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Returnal Save Game System May Come In The Future

Completing a cycle in Returnal can take up to four hours, and while we loved the time we spent with it, finding that kind of time isn’t always easy.

“My first run lasted nearly 2 hours and it got me straight to Biome 2. The time when I reached the new Biome was 3am for me and I wanted to go to sleep cause I had to work the next day,” the original poster said. “I often just don't have the time to play longer than an hour!”

The top commenter agreed, saying “Binding of isaac is one of the all time classics of roguelikes and you can save and resume. It isn't cheating as its only holding your run and if you die is gone. One time place holder. I think its essential when runs can go for so long.”

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