Returnal Yellow Barriers: How to Break the Yellow Energy Shields

Returnal starts you off with basically nothing each time you start a new run. You can upgrade your suit to get an upper hand over your enemies, though there are very few permanent changes you can make. There's artifacts to collect too, each granting you a different bonus. Yellow barriers will block off certain items around the world, and you'll need one of these artifacts to get through them. To help you break yellow barriers we've put together this Returnal Yellow Energy Shield guide.

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Returnal: How to Get Through Yellow Barriers

To get through the yellow energy barriers in Returnal you will need to pick up the Blade Balancer upgrade. This can be found at Fabricators around the world, and costs 250 Obolites to buy. We've found that it usually appears at the end of the Echoing Ruins section, in the section where you had to collect 2 keys to open the red door. It won't appear every time however.

A yellow energy barrier in Returnal.
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How to Break Yellow Barriers

To break yellow barriers make sure you have the Blade Balancer upgrade. Press square to use your melee weapon and break the barrier. This upgrade will unfortunately not persist after you've died.

That's how to get through yellow barriers in Returnal. For more on the game be sure to head over to our Returnal Tips and Tricks guide. Elsewhere there's our Returnal review.

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