Housemarque Teases Returnal DLC in New Image

Returnal DLC could be on the cards after all. Housemarque's PS5 game released in April and seemingly told a full story on its own, despite the ending's open-ended nature, and but the developer might be teasing more on the way.

As spotted by Fanbyte, Housemarque posted the clue on their official Twitter account with a mysterious image and one word: "Atropos...?"

Atropos is the planet where Returnal takes place, the place where Selene continues trying to break the cycle of her death and rebirth. The image shows a TV screen, which is probably not part of the game, and a stone object that seems possibly like a helmet or possibly a spaceship emerging from the water.

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Housemarque Teases Returnal DLC in New Image

If you've played the game, you know how important the idea of a vehicle coming out of, or entering, the water is. After the developer's tweet, the game's senior narrative designer Eevi Korhonen retweeted it along with the caption “We filmed something really amazing today. Hope we get to share more soon!"

This year's The Game Awards will take place December 9, and it seems likely this tweet could be teasing Returnal DLC. There's no other reason to be so cryptic, and we'd be surprised if Returnal DLC doesn't end up being one of the many world reveals during the show.

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