Returnal 2.0 Adds Suspend Point and Photo Mode

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Returnal is one of the biggest surprises of the year, having launched exclusively on the PS5 to critical acclaim, but while many applauded its challenging gameplay, others were frustrated at how long each run took.

In response to these concerns, Housemarque announced in a new PlayStation blog post that they have added a Suspend Cycle function, giving players the option to save mid-way through. A photo mode has also been supplemented, with the patch going live today.

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Returnal 2.0 Adds Suspend Point and Photo Mode

Housemarque's game director, Harry Kreuger, emphasized the save option isn't a traditional one. Players now have the option to suspend the run at any point, but it's not a hard save. They can then return to the very same position, and the suspend point will then be deleted. If you die after booting the game back-up, or your power cuts out, you return to the beginning of the cycle.

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You can create a new suspend point after that, though Kreuger also noted some instances where you're still not allowed to do that. These include:

  • Boss battles
  • Cinematics
  • First-person sequences

There was also the more vague "intense combat scenarios," though Kreuger didn't elaborate on what those might be.

A photo mode also accompanies the Suspend Cycle in Returnal 2.0, letting players capture their favourite moments in Selene’s adventure using the DualSense's analog sticks and adaptive triggers. Various filters, frames, effects can also be added to jazz up the pictures.

Check out the patch's features in the trailer below.

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