Returnal's New Suspend Feature Lets Players Exploit Saves, Thanks to Cloud Saves

Housemarque recently dropped a big Returnal update, called Version 2.0. Implementing a suspend feature, players soon discovered a loophole to continue their progress after dying in this PS5 roguelike, a process commonly known as "save-scumming."

In Returnal, the "Suspend Cycle" feature lets players suspend their runs, allowing them to preserve progress if they can't keep playing. Upon returning, that gets deleted to avoid "save-scumming", a process where players repeatedly save and go back if they fail. Thanks to PS Plus' cloud saves, players can use this strategy.

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Returnal Suspend Feature Allows Players Save-Scum To The End

If players upload their Returnal progress onto their PlayStation Plus save cloud, they'll save that and continue playing. Once they've died, you can then close the game and download that previous save data to resume progress, meaning you've never technically "died."

As seen in Omega2307's thread on Reddit, Returnal doesn't have an internal server only save file. There's only options for a cloud save file and no local saves. Presently, Housemarque hasn't pushed out an update to fix this problem, but we'll keep you informed if that changes.

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