WoW TBC "Not a Bug" List Confirmed by Blizzard

Blizzard has published a list of changes that may appear to be a bug to players but is indeed meant to be in the game.

With TBC pre-patch upon us, players will start playing around with their updated characters and may notice things working a bit differently than classic or even how they remember it back in 2007.

Here are all the current "not a bug" confirmed for all classes:


  • Wyvern Sting shares a diminishing return category with Freezing Trap.
  • It is possible to run quickly across a hunter trap and not trigger it.


  • Energy regeneration “tick” timers are reset when shifting into cat form.


  • Paladin Seals will not proc from Crusader Strike damage as well as several other paladin procs and abilities (including Vindication).
  • Not all Paladin Seals can be “twisted” into each other.
  • Reckoning will not proc from damage-over-time effects.

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  • Cloak of Shadows cannot increase the resist chance higher than 80% against other players’ spells. The full 90% chance to resist does apply against non-player creatures.

WoW TBC "Not a Bug" List Confirmed by Blizzard


  • Bloodthirst damage does not scale from attack power gained via Improved Berserker Stance or Unleashed Rage.
  • Initiating a charge or intercept against a focus target will cause your Auto Attack to begin against the focus target rather than your primary target.
  • The One-handed Weapon Specialization talent does not affect the damage of Thunder Clap.
  • Unused “charges” of Overpower will be lost on your primary target if an ability such as Whirlwind or Cleave is dodged by a secondary target.


  • Arcane concentration will not proc from Blizzard damage.


  • Coefficient damage from totems and item procs does not scale with +damage to specific creature types.
  • Chain Lightning can cause multiple procs of Lightning Overload.
  • When totems such as Windfury and Flametongue affect party members in combat, the Shaman who cast the totem is also placed in combat.

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  • Prayer of Mending will proc from damage that is reflected back at the priest.
  • Damage over time effects on a priest with the Reflective Shield talent do not cause spell pushback.

If players are looking for more information on things they think might not be a bug but a change in the game check out Blizzard's post here.

And if you want to see a full list of bugs confirmed by Blizzard they can be found in a forum post.

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