WoW Classic TBC is Experiencing The Longest Maintenance of Recent Years Here is Why

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The Burning Crusade pre-patch was expected to launch today, however, after multiple extensions to the weekly maintenance, servers have still not gone live.

The servers went down at 7 am PDT and were expected to be down for 8 hours, the normal downtime for a large update.


After two delays, Blizzard is currently saying the servers will be active again at 10 pm DPT, making it 15 hours of downtime.

Update - A Third delay has been announced while the team works on further issues found during maintenance, and will now be expected to go live at 12 am PDT, 2 hours after the previous time.

Second Update - The previous time has been pushed back an additional hour meaning the servers will be back at 1 am PDT. Hopefully, this will be the final delay.

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The issue seems to be coming from a bug with the mail system when copying characters to Classic Era and TBC servers.

WoW Classic TBC is Experiencing The Longest Maintenance of Recent Years Here is Why

There are jobs that copy data and jobs that check the integrity of data and there’s an immense amount of data to process before we even begin the steps that we take to check everything manually. It’s not possible for us to lose anything, but it is possible for us to have an issue that requires a step to be repeated. In today’s case, the step we had to start over was a big one. While performing data integrity checks on the Burning Crusade Classic and Classic Era realms, we discovered an unfortunate issue with all player mail. The nature of the issue necessitated that we restore the portion of the database that contains that information in order to ensure nothing is lost. We’ve been in progress on this restoration for quite some time, but as you can imagine, it’s a huge amount of information.

Community Manager Kaivax posted in a blue post that nobody in the team can"remember a maintenance that took this long", however, they expect the servers to be live in the next few hours.


Stay tuned for any updates as we will notify you if there are any more delays.