WoW Classic TBC Pre Patch: Release Date, Gear Costs, Latest Updates And Changes

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Last week a surprise announcement of The Burning Crusade: Classic was revealed to the players giving them just under a month to prepare as they venture beyond the Dark Portal on June 1st.

But before players can enter Outland, the pre-patch event will go live bringing forth changes to the game before all the new content is released.


Here is everything that will be coming with the pre-patch beginning on May 18th.

Release Date

With not much notice, The pre-patch will hit live servers on the 18th of May. Players can download and test out the PTR server where all the changes are live right now.

Latest News

11th May 2021 - Blizzard has announced that all auction houses across each realm will be closed starting on Friday 14th of May and will reopen on the 18th when servers come back from weekly maintenance and the pre-patch has arrived. Source - Blizzard.

17th May 2021 - Blizzard has addressed issues about mail between characters on the same account not being instant, and has clarified this issue will be fixed on the PTR and will go live with pre-patch on the 18th of May. Source - Blizzard

20th May - A hotfix has gone live that has fixed honor values inside battlegrounds resulting in 10x less honor gained. This makes it significantly longer to farm out honor for gearing up new boosted and levelled characters.


24th May - A small hotfix has gone live which has fixed an error not allowing players to enter Blackrock Spire as a group of more than 5, and a bug removing Sayge's Fortune upon entering a raid. Read these changes and more here.

What's New in Pre-Patch

While players cannot enter the Dark Portal, there will be some new content that will be added to the game.

Throughout the lifespan of classic, Shamans were limited to the Horde, and Paladins were locked to the Alliance.

This will be changed come TBC and eligible races on the Alliance will be able to create Shamans, and with the introduction of the Blood elf race on the Horde side, they will be able to now create the Paladin class.

The Alliance will also be receiving the Draenei race.

Jewelcrafting is also in the game so for players wanting to change professions, they will be able to early before TBC releases. Trainers can be found in Draenei's city of Exodar and Silvermoon city for Blood elves.


Leveling will receive some changes with new quest hubs added into zones that lacked them such as Dustwollow Marsh and experience gained from quests is increased. Alongside this, the experience required per level from 30-60 has been reduced making it slightly faster to level overall. These changes stick around during TBC so players don't need to feel rushed leveling in pre-patch.

Arena Skirmishes will also be available for the duration of Pre-patch although people will not be able to create teams and play ranked games.

Mount costs will also be reduced come pre-patch so save your gold and wait a week to purchase mounts on new characters.

WoW Classic TBC Pre Patch: Release Date, Patch Notes, Gear Costs, Latest Updates And Changes

All Microatransatctions that have been announced will be added to the game on the 18th of May.

Players will be rewarded a title based on their highest PvP rank during Classic, so players who reached Rank 14 will receive "High Warlord" for the horde or "Grand Marshal" for the alliance. Only the player's highest rank will be awarded.

Changes upon logging in for the first time

Players will notice a few changes upon logging in for the first time. To start, on the character select screen, players will be asked where they want their character to migrate to. For free, Players can select to move to a "classic era" server where they will play Vanilla content and receive no updates, or stay on their current server which will progress to The Burning Crusade on the 1st of June.


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When players enter the game for the first time, their talents will be reset and the new improved talent trees will be in the game, so players will need to re-select their new tree.

Gear Updates

Items undergo a slight change beginning in pre-patch where stats will change from a % increase to a "stat rating". An example is a weapon that had 1% crit and 1% hit on Classic will be changed to have 20 critical strike rating and 20 hit rating (numbers made up and are different per piece of gear).

The PvP gear system is also receiving a change and will no longer require the previous ranks to purchase.

Marks of honor will be used as a currency alongside the reworked honor system.

For example, a Rank 14 two-hand weapon will cost 38250 honor points and 40 Alterac Valley marks of honor.

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Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release of Pre-patch and the full release of The Burning Crusade Classic.