WoW Shadowlands: How to Upgrade Gear With Valor Points

Valor points have been re-introduced in the Shadowlands as a system to aid the gearing process of mythic plus players.

Added to the game in patch 9.0.5, Valor points allow players to upgrade gear obtained through mythic plus.

Where can you get valor points?

Valor points primarily come from the end of a mythic plus dungeon as a reward in the chest. Each run will award 135 Valor no matter what keystone level you complete.

Covenant daily callings will also award valor with a rare calling giving 35 Valor and an Epic calling giving 50 Valor.

Competing a Mythic+ dungeon that upgrades a player's Mythic+ score, will reward all players in the party with extra Valor points.

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There is a cap on how much Valor you can earn, which starts out at 5,000 and then increases by 750 each week. If you don't reach the cap during a week, what you did not collect will be added to the next week.

WoW Shadowlands: How to Upgrade Gear With Valor Points

Now you have some Valor points, you want to start upgrading some gear. well, to begin there is a ranking system that increases with the item level of the piece of gear.

Rank 1 starts out at base mythic gear at 210item level (patch 9.1) and can be increased up to rank 12 which is 246 item level. each level will increase the ilvl of the piece by 3 or 4 levels.

Each piece of gear has a different cost for each rank:

  • Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck 250 Valor
  • Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots 400 Valor
  • Helm, Legs, Chest 475 Valor
  • One-Handed Agility / Strength Weapon 500 Valor
  • One-Handed Intellect Weapon 750 Valor
  • Two-Handed Weapon 1000 Valor

Of the 12 ranks, certain levels may require an achievement before you are able to access that level of gear.

  • Item Level 226 (Rank 6) no requirement.
  • Item Level 200 (Rank 7) Mythic+ Rating of 600.
  • Item Level 207 (Rank 8) Mythic+ Rating of 1000.
  • Item Level 213 (Rank 9) Mythic+ Rating of 1000.
  • Item Level 213 (Rank 10) Mythic+ Rating of 1400.
  • Item Level 213 (Rank 11) Mythic+ Rating of 1700.
  • Item Level 213 (Rank 12) Mythic+ Rating of 2000.

Players can visit Agressor Zo'dash in Oribos to upgrade their items, who is both the upgrade NPC for PvP gear as well.

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