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WoW Shadowlands How To Get Conquest

Conquest has seen a return as one of the main currencies in the recent World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands.

Player-vs-Player fans were happy to see the re-introduction of a gear system created just for them so they did not need to step into mythic raids for the best gear.

Conquest as a currency is obtained from winning PVP matches in the Shadowlands both quick casual matches or rated matches.

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Casual matches that reward conquest:

  • Random Battleground
  • Random Epic Battleground
  • Arena skirmish
  • Brawl (When available every second week)

Rated Matches that Reward Conquest:

  • 2v2 and 3v2 Arena
  • Rated Battlegrounds

Rated PvP will award more conquest than random games.

Conquest can be exchanged for gear from Zo'sorg in Oribos
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Conquest can be exchanged for gear from Zo'sorg in Oribos

WoW Shadowlands How To Get Conquest


There are multiple quests that are available every week that will require you to complete in both casual games and rated games. The objectives can change weekly, however, they will award a large chunk of additional conquest.

During the start of a patch, players will only be able to acquire 550 Conquest per week to limit how quickly players can gear up, but as the patch goes on each week that 550 is added to the next week allowing players to catch up if they missed out or started late.

Conquest is used to purchase base item level 200 gear and can further be upgraded with Honor points. Honor is awarded through the same system as well as, rewarded for killing players and completing objectives in battlegrounds.

Different pieces of gear cost a different amount of conquest:

  • Gladiator Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks, Rings, and Necks: 525 Conquest
  • Damage Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt: 700 Conquest
  • Chest, Helm, Legs: 875 Conquest
  • Off-hand: 400 Conquest
  • Melee 1-hand Weapons: 900 Conquest
  • Intellect 1-hand Weapons: 1350 Conquest
  • Two-hand Weapons: 1800 Conquest

Further upgrading gear with honor points will require a certain level of rating in 2v2, 3v3, and Rated Battlegrounds.

Conquest is a well-received system by the community and was the motivation behind reintroducing valor points during 9.0.5 for a similar gearing system for mythic plus players.