WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery Beta Is Now Live

The Classic fresh servers announced by Blizzard last week named the Season of Mastery, have had their beta servers go live today, which gives players their first look into the Classic experience but with some extra changes from the last time they played.

The beta server has taken the place of the Classic Era PTR, so anyone with access to the PTR versions of World of Warcraft will automatically have access to it.

For the opening week, participating players are capped at level 30, as Blizzard is testing out changes to the questing experience changes coming with the new season.

Each week the developers will add new content to the beta slowly bringing in new content to the game for players to test.

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WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery Beta Is Now Live

Week one of the open beta has the following:

  • Player Levels will be capped at 30.
  • Character templates will not be available.
  • The Rate of XP gain from Quest turn-ins has been increased by 25% globally.
  • Mining and Herbalism Node availability is increased.
  • The PvP Honor System is enabled.
  • Warsong Gulch is enabled.

Things to come in the next few weeks include:

  • Increased debuff and buff limit.
  • Increased health for raid bosses.
  • Restored raid boss mechanics.
  • Removal of world buffs in raid instances.
  • Meeting Stones converted to Summoning Stones.
  • Adjustments to curtail power leveling and boosting.

There are no character templates, so players wishing to participate in the beta at all will need to level their own characters up.

Players can expect weekly updates and blog posts from Blizzard explaining what changes are coming to the game each week.

There is no timeframe given for the beta, so players will need to wait and see when all the content has been added to the game to guess when a possible release date may be.

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