WoW Classic Season Of Mastery Servers Announced

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Blizzard has released information on the recently announced Classic Fresh server option for World of Warcraft, including a beta test starting next week on the 5th of October.

World of Warcraft Season of Mastery plans to run on a 12-month schedule, sticking to a 6 phase plan like Classic did, but will have faster progression and unlocks.


Experience nerfs from Burning Crusade will be live in the Season of Mastery, cutting down the time required to reach max level and help people reach level 60 as the season will only last for one year.

Additional changes to endgame are announced, most importantly world buffs no longer work inside of a raid instance, and the debuff limit has been completely removed.

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WoW Classic Season Of Mastery Servers Announced

To compensate for the removal of the debuff cap, bosses will have increased health, and mechanics that were previously removed will make a return.


The Player vs. Player honor system and battlegrounds are now in the game from phase 1 instead of 2, 3, and 4.

Meeting Stones will also be changed to Summoning Stones in an attempt to add new quality of life changes to improve the small things of the game.

Herbalism and Mining nodes will also be increased to compensate for the increase in server population.

While the Season of Mastery may not be the "Fresh" everyone wanted, it is indeed an interesting design and the new changes will hopefully keep the game feeling fresh for players playing through for the third time.