How To Play The WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery Beta

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The World of Warcraft Classic Fresh: Season of Mastery is now available for beta testing and since it will be an open test, can be a different experience to access than previous beta tests.

Most players will automatically have access to the beta realm overnight as the server is running on the old Classic era PTR server which was updated last week.


For players who do not have access to the server, simply create a PTR account and you will gain access to all the PTR servers including the Season of Mastery Beta.

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How To Play The WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery Beta

The Classic Season of Mastery beta will be found under the development tab in the Blizzard launcher instead of the Classic era PTR.
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Classic Season of Mastery Beta will show up in place of the Classic Era PTR

There is currently only one server available called Season of Mastery Beta 1, which is located in North America so anyone outside of this region may experience some lag.

The level cap is currently set to level 30, with Blizzard wanting to slowly add changes and increase the cap over time.

The first goal is to ensure that the leveling experience is working properly with the increased experience gains from TBC.


There are also no player templates available for this beta and likely will never be, so players will need to level themselves if they wish to experience any level 60 content.

Blizzard has hinted at the possibility of adding more beta servers if they are required but at this point in time have no intentions of doing so. These other servers could potentially see level 60 templates if Blizzard feels the need to test end game content changes if not enough people level to 60.

Players can expect weekly patches to the game introducing many of the new changes coming to the seasonal version of vanilla WoW, with weekly updates from Blizzard themselves.