World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Solo Island Expeditions Announced For Patch 9.1.5

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Blizzard has commented on a popular forum thread asking about solo island expeditions and has announced that the solo queue feature will be implemented for players wishing to complete island expeditions from Battle for Azeroth.

Island Expeditions were originally released in Battle for Azeroth as a main feature, although was not well received by the player base.


Later on in the expansion Blizzard added cosmetics and mounts as rare rewards to incentivize players to complete these islands, as well as, currency players could earn to purchase the items straight out or buy a box for a chance at a random item.

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Solo Island Expeditions Announced For Patch 9.1.5

"The time has come, adventure seekers! We hear your requests for private queues in Island Expeditions and are now assessing the work required to release this functionality in the upcoming 9.1.5 update".

"Here’s our current plan: Once 9.1.5 launches, you’d be able to set sail on your expedition alone or with a party of up to three players on these seafaring voyages". Community Manager Linxy said on the forums.

Last week Blizzard also revealed that they would be adding more customization options for some of the allied races that were trailing behind, as well as some new druid forms.


9.1.5 seems to be a quality of life update so far, with no announced changes for any shadowlands content.

While there is no date for the release of 9.1.5, we can expect more information within the next month, with a release date that won't conflict with the release of phase 2 for The Burning Crusade Classic.