World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 9.1.5 Will Add More Customization Options

Blizzard has announced more customization options are coming with patch 9.1.5, which will see some allied races get more character creation options, along with new druid forms for more races, and Night Fae soul shapes.

Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei characters were always behind the pack in terms of customization options, and while Blizzard had no plans to add anything new until the next expansion, they have changed their stance based on player feedback.

"We’re pleased to announce that 9.1.5 will introduce new character customization options for Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei which include: new hair styles, hair colors, facial hair, skin colors, accessories, horns, tail length, tattoos, and more!" Blizzard said on the forums.

Void elves will also be getting an option to increase their ear size.

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: 9.1.5 Will Add More Customization Options

Blizzard also announced that new travel shapes will be available for Druids, but with no confirmation on what is coming.

New soul shapes will be coming for players of the Night Fae covenant, with many shapes that have been found in the game files, we can expect to see a Shoveltusk, Kodo, Mammoth, and potentially more new skins.

Blizzard is also adding the option to soul shape into a randomly collected appearance.

Players can also soul shape into critters, but this will only be available inside of a rested area such as Oribos.

There will be more customization options coming in the future, with Blizzard aiming to address the Highmountain Tauren next.

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