Blizzard Are Taking Action To Counter Boosting And Sale Spam In-Game

World chat and trade chat conversations have been some of the most enjoyable features of the World of Warcraft community over the years, although these days it is known to feature a lot of spam, whether that be gold selling or community boosting discords advertising their service.

In a hotfix that went live yesterday, Blizzard has now made it so players must be level 60 in order to list a group in the group finder for Mythix+ dungeons and Shadowlands raids.

This fix is to counter these boosting communities and websites from advertising their services, which causes issues for people trying to find legitimate groups.

Blizzard had previously made advertising in the group finder against the terms of service but never took any action to ban these accounts.

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Blizzard Are Taking Action To Counter Boosting And Sale Spam In-Game

This will prevent the group finder from being filled up with spam groups looking to sell their services, although there are still many ways around this.

These advertisements are listed by players themselves and will be the max level already. Many of these advertisers would use second accounts in case action was taken against their account, now they will either level up these accounts or just use their main one.

This also has no effect on spam that goes through chat channels like trade chat, where a lot of advertisement is done as well.

This fix will reduce the amount of spam in the group finder, although does not fix the overall issue the community has with these boosting services and spam.

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