World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Blizzard Comments On Spec-Specific Conduit Change

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After Blizzard announced last week that Death-Bound Shard And Soultwining Crescent Now Reward Spec Specific Conduits, they were bombarded with questions on the forums asking to clarify these changes and to confirm drop rates of the Death-Bound shard from the Adamant Vaults in Torghast.

Blizzard has confirmed that the drop chance of the Death-Bound Shard does indeed increase the higher level of Torghast you complete.


The Death-Bound Shard also is limited to 1 drop per week upon completion of the Adamant Vaults.

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Blizzard Comments On Spec-Specific Conduit Change

On top of the Death-Bound Shard change, the Soultwining Crescent which can drop from rares around the Maw and Korthia is also affected by spec-specific changes.

Community Manager Linxy clarified these changed on the forums.

"It will now always pick conduits that fit your spec including generic covenant ones. So if you have all your conduits at 239 now and start using it after the change goes live tomorrow, it will only find your spec and covenant ones to upgrade further to 252. You would need to change spec to get the other ones to increase."
"Additionally, the upgrade item will not function if all the conduits for your specialization are upgraded. The item will remain in your bags for you to use after changing specs."

Basically, players will need to change into their desired specialization they wish to apply to conduit upgrade to in order for the item to work.


The change went live with servers returning from downtime after the weekly maintenance.