Where To Spend Left Over Valor Points In The Shadowlands

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Shadowlands season 2 begins when the servers return after weekly maintenance this week, meaning all season 1 currencies will be converted into gold or disappear.

Valor points, which were introduced into patch 9.0.5 as a way for Mythic+ players to upgrade gear from dungeons, will be converted into gold, just like many currencies before them such as titan residuum from Battle for Azeroth.

The gold conversion is often not worth the cost, as there is a vendor located in Oribos, which will sell players a bag of ore, hide, or silk depending on what the player chooses.

Where To Spend Left Over Valor Points In The Shadowlands

Ko'tul is an NPC located in Oribos and can be found in the same room as the great vault and bank.

Ko'tul can be found here.
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Ko'tul can be found here.

Before you decide on what to spend your points on, first travel to an Auction House and look up the prices of the items you can receive, and based on what sells the most, you can pick that bag to purchase.

Ko'tul will sell the following bags:

  • Shipment of Heavy Callous Hide
  • Shipment of Elethium Ore
  • Shipment of Lightless Silk

A reminder that Valor points are a way of upgrading gear obtained from Mythic+ dungeons, and if you wish to use it on gear you currently have, that is also an option, but with the item level rewards rising in the following patch, it won't be worth the cost.

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All leftover Valor points will be refunded and it's definitely worth getting the most gold out of them before it is too late.

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