Where is Gruul's Lair In Classic TBC?

Gruul's Lair is one of the three Raids available during Phase 1 of Classic The Burning Crusade, and one of two available without any attunement quest required.

Gruul's Lair can be found to the north of Blades Edge Mountains, guarded by many Elite Ogres, making it quite tough to get through unless you have a flying mount.

Blades Edge Mountains can be tough to traverse itself without a flying mount as it filled with splintered mountain peaks, large valleys, and canyons.

If you wish to run there yourself, you can follow the path north of Ruuan Weald which will take you down into the valley. Keep running north until you find the elite ogre camp, and either fight your way through or simply just run through to the end and you will see the large cave entrance.

Gruul's Lair entrance located at the green circle.
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Gruul's Lair entrance located at the green circle.

Where is Gruul's Lair In Classic TBC?

Players can also summon once there, either with a Warlock player or the summoning stone provided outside.

The Addon called Leatrix Maps will show instance locations everywhere by showing green circles for raids, and blue circles for dungeons. This addon works all over the world and is great for leveling and end-game content.

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Players will want to enter into Gruul's Lair as there are two bosses inside, who drop loot players will most definitely want to earn.

High King Maulgar is the first encounter who drops Tier 4 Shoulders for each class, plus some nice off-pieces.

Gruul himself drops Tier 4 Legs, other off pieces, and weapons, but most importantly the Dragonspine Trophy trinket which will be best in slot for many physical DPS players for most of the expansion.

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