Progress Take World First Tier 4 Content In The Burning Crusade In Less Than 24 Hours

After members of the <Progress> guild achieved the world's first level 70 in around 14 hours starting with Warlock player Hacez, the guild has now completed all three raids that are present as part of the first phase of The Burning Crusade Classic.

Gruul's Lair was the first raid to fall with Progress taking out the first boss High King Maulgar in just 3 attempts, they then moved on to Gruul himself.

With many players still under level 70, the guild quickly realized that they did not have the damage to kill him and decided to step back into dungeons and get some extra levels on players who weren't yet level 70.

After a few hours, more members had reached level 70 and some players had ventured into Kharazhan to take down three bosses and earned some extra gear.

Progress Take World First Tier 4 Content In The Burning Crusade In Less Than 24 Hours

The group then took on Gruul again and shortly after downing him, they decided to take on the next raid, Magtheridons lair, and then downing him as well.

You can watch the Gruul kill here.

After clearing these two raids, the guild split up into smaller groups to finish off the 10 player raid Karazhan and ended up with the third world-first clear under their belt.

There is however, one boss still alive inside Karazhan, Nighbane is a summonable boss but there seemed to be some bugs going on with the fight, resulting in Progress calling it for the day.

An impressive showing from Progress during the first phase of classic, it will be interesting to see how many guilds follow up with similar kills in the coming days, and see if anyone can dethrone Progress, who also took out many world-first raid clears in Classic Vanilla.

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