Top 10 Addons for The Burning Crusade Classic

Addons have become an integral part of World of Warcraft gameplay over the years, they may feature quality of life and game assisting improvements, which are even more important in The Burning Crusade before many things were implemented into the game by default by Blizzard.

This list is not meant to be ranked, these are simply 10 areas where addons will greatly improve your game.

Install your favorite addon manager, and pick out what addons will fit your playstyle.

1. Quest Addon

Questie - TBC still has players reading quests to figure out where they must go to complete their quests. Questie is an addon that will show quest locations on your map so you don't need to read every single quest you pick up!

2. Raid / Dungeon Boss Mods

BigWigs / LittleWigs

Deadly Boss Mods

Both addons serve the same purpose, and it is personal preference what you pick.

These addons will call out incoming mechanics so you can play better in a raid, fewer deaths = more DKP!

3. Damage Meter

Details - How else will you know you are top damage? Details is the best damage mod and should be a must-download for almost all players.

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4. In-game Journal & Loot List

AtlasLoot - Before the introduction of an in-game journal, AtlasLoot was created and would list how to obtain each item in the game whether it be profession-based, from a PvP vendor, or from a Raid drop. Another must download for all players.

5. Interface Mods



Over the years players haven't really enjoyed playing with the Blizzard default UI, so many adopt to using addons that will change up how it looks.

Top 10 Addons for The Burning Crusade Classic

6. Action House Mods


TradeSkillMaster Classic

Much like the default UI, the auction house also has a poor design so many players use addons to change how they manage auctions, both buying and selling.

7. Weak Auras

Weak auras is one of the greatest addons created for World of Warcraft and can be used in many different ways.

Whether it be for raiding or professions, custom "mini-addons" can be created to support whatever it is you are doing.

If you are downloading other players Weak Auras, make sure you trust where it is coming from as they can contain malicious code that can do things like auto-buy things or delete gear.

8. Leatrix Addons

Leatrix Plus and Leatrix Maps both offer quality of life improvements to the game and will make everyday life much simpler. Download the addons and play around with options that appeal to you.

9. PvP Addons

A quick Mention about PvP addons, with the introduction of Arena to TBC players, will want to get some information targeting addons to tracking skills and enemies in the arena easier.

Gladdy - This is your all-in-one addon that announces and shows all information you need to know about what the other team is doing, with tracking on trinkets and cooldown timers.

Omnibar - This addon will track enemy cooldowns such as silence and stuns so you know when you are free to play a bit more aggressive.

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10. Map Mods

HandyNotes - This lets players mark special point of interest locations on the map to make things easier to find.

TomTom - A simple addon that shows coordinates and allows players to set waypoints.

GatherMate 2 - Professions are a big part of TBC and GatherMate will show the location of all spawns for gathering professions.

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