What Happens To Classic WoW Season Of Mastery Characters After The Season Ends

The Classic WoW Season of Mastery is here, but its short timeline may deter people from joining, without knowing what happens to their characters after the year is up.

The Season of Mastery slightly goes against what makes WoW and MMOs special, such as the continual progression of characters over time, but the 1-year timeline is meant for the replayability of vanilla WoW and there is still TBC, and eventually WOTLK, or Shadowlands for players who wish to continue progressing.

Blizzard has confirmed that after the Season of Mastery has ended, players will have the option to move their characters to select Classic Era servers for free, but it is not confirmed if any new realms will become available that have the current changes from the Season of Mastery.

We also do not know if the following season will continue straight after the end of the Season of Mastery or if there will be a break.

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What Happens To Classic WoW Season Of Mastery Characters After The Season Ends

"When Season of Mastery concludes, you’ll have the option to permanently transfer your character to an existing Classic Era realm in your region. This free service will become available for a limited time at the conclusion of the season." Blizzard says.

These seasons are often found in games like Diablo, letting players play new content for a shorter period of time, then transferring them to servers without all the extra changes so all the progress isn't completely lost.

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