WoW Classic Season Of Mastery Hardcore Characters Have New Problems To Worry About

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The Classic Season of Mastery is now live and Blizzard's new plans to include a buff to track hardcore characters in-game has made that a popular way of replaying the beginning of this fresh classic experience.

We all know just how toxic WoW players can be, especially after previous classic servers and the whole World Buff purging meta, but now it has been taken to a whole new level in the Season of Mastery.


Players who are competing in the Hardcore challenges on specific servers decided by the community, have to follow the rules, and there is not much leeway when it comes to deaths.

Players have begun kiting Teremus the Devourer, a skull-level boss who patrols the Blasted Lands to major cities such as Stormwind, and his devastating AOE is enough to 1-shot these hardcore players.

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WoW Classic Season Of Mastery Hardcore Characters Have New Problems To Worry About

These hardcore players have taken to Reddit and the WoW Forums, asking for Blizzard to change the way Teremus works, to prevent this from happening, but it is unlikely to happen.


The players who are not taking part in this challenge find it hilarious (and it is) and is a true reflection of the World of Warcraft community, as things like this are what makes Classic WoW so great.

Hardcore characters now have something else to worry about, and this reaction will cause griefers to find new ways to abuse things like this.

This is all the more reason to create Hardcore specific servers, so the chances of this happening are lower as every character will be deleted after death, although this is unlikely to happen during the first season.