Top 10 Addons For The WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

Addons have become an integral part of World of Warcraft gameplay over the years, they may feature quality of life and game assisting improvements, which are even more important in the Classic versions of the game before many things were implemented by default by Blizzard.

This list is not meant to be ranked, these are simply 10 areas where addons will greatly improve your game.

Install your favorite addon manager, and pick out what addons will fit your playstyle.

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Top 10 Addons For The WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

1. Quest Addon

Questie - There are no quest markers in Classic, and players by default will need to read quest text to figure out where they need to go. Questie will show quest locations on the map so players will not have to read every single bit of text to figure out where they need to go.

This will also help players are questing will be the best leveling method this time around after the recent 40% experience buffs in the season of mastery.

2. Leatrix Addons

Leatrix is the number 1 addon for quality of life improvements in the game. Leatrix maps will give players a friendlier version of the default map, and Leatrix Plus will have many small quality of life options such as instant quest hand-ins, and the option to sell all junk in your bags.

3. Profession Gathering and Map Mods

HandyNotes - This lets players mark a special point of interest locations on the map to make things easier to find.

TomTom - A simple addon that shows coordinates and allows players to set waypoints.

GatherMate 2 - Professions are a big part of Classic and GatherMate will show the location of all spawns for gathering professions. note - you will need to install GatherMate Data as well to import all locations.

4. Damage Meter / Threat Meter

Details - How else will you know you are top damage? Details is the best damage mod and should be a must-download for almost all players.

Inbuilt into Details is a threat meter which is a must for anyone thinking of raiding.

5. In-game Journal & Loot List

AtlasLoot - Before the introduction of an in-game journal, AtlasLoot was created and would list how to obtain each item in the game whether it be profession-based, from a PvP vendor, or from a Raid drop. Another must download for all players.

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6. Interface Mods

ElvUI or Bartender

While not necessary by any means, over the years players have grown apart from the default WoW UI and opted for creating their own or importing others. Maybe a good option for players wanting a different look going into the Season of Mastery.

7. Attune

Popularised by TBC, Attune tracks players' steps completed for each Attunement quest making it easier to track what still needs to be completed and what each Attunements requires.

8. Raid / Dungeon Boss Mods

BigWigs / LittleWigs

Deadly Boss Mods

Both addons serve the same purpose, and it is personal preference what you pick.

These addons will call out incoming mechanics so you can play better in a raid, fewer deaths = more DKP!

9. Auction House Mods

Auctionator / TradeSkillMaster Classic

Much like the default UI, the auction house also has a poor design so many players use addons to change how they manage auctions, both buying and selling. This will help get the best price when selling or buying and reduce the chance of getting scammed by an overpriced item.

10. Better Vendor Price

There is no vendor price on items, whether they drop in the open world or are rewarded from a quest. Better Vendor Price gives all items their vendor value and makes it easy to decide what is worth picking up and what's worth leaving.

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