How To Level Up Fast In WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

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The WoW Classic Season of Mastery has made a few changes to the leveling system, which will shake up the meta since Classic was last released in 2019.

Players under level 60 will now be granted a unique buff called "Adventure Awaits" which increases all experience gained from quest turn-ins, dungeon quests, and group quests.

Changes to Mage boosting will prevent players from selling boosting groups as the fastest way to level, so questing will be the way to go.

The 40% increase is not as big as it may seem, because mob experience is one of the most gains players receive but it will still make leveling the strongest method.

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How To Level Up Fast In WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

A dedicated group of five can spam dungeons just like the first release of Classic, but to make it effective the right group composition will need to be made to make it faster than questing.

The 40% extra experience gains make the leveling process about 10-20% faster, but ultimately it removes the tedious levels where players finish quests in a zone but are too under-leveled to move on to the next and need to farm mobs for a level or two.

This reduced leveling time will help more players reach level 60 faster, especially since the Season of Mastery is only planned for a 12-month cycle.


Players will likely want to install Questie, the top quest addon in classic, and get to their favorite classic zones.

These changes will make for an interesting world first 60 race, will quests take the first spot, mob grinding again, or will a 5 man group come in first?

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