Tips For Completing The Legion Timewalking Mage Tower

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Legion Timewalking is finally here and with it comes the return of the Mage Tower, which offers 36 unique challenge modes for each spec in the game, with all-new rewards for completing a single challenge, all 7, and all 36 for those who wish to go the extra mile.

The challenge will be slightly different from its Legion version, as Blizzard will scale characters to a normalized item level, and will also be restricting seasonal player power, to ensure the system can last through each patch and future expansions without needed complete reworks.

While there are 36 challenges (one for each spec) these tips will look at individual ways players can increase their power levels, while not going into specific mechanics for all of the 36 specs.

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Tips For Completing The Legion Timewalking Mage Tower


While players' gear might be normalized, stats can be increased through consumables and enhanced through other items, so be sure to pick up a number of these items to help with extra damage and survivability.

  • Spectral Flask of Power
  • Potion of Spectral Agility/Intellect/Strength
  • Health Potions
  • Weapon Oils/Stones
  • Heavy Desolate Armor Kit
  • Food for your spec
  • Drums of Deathly Ferocity


Enchants are free stats on your gear, that will scale down but is still a bonus that should be taken advantage of.

Shadowlands enchants differ per armor class, so be sure to pick up the right ones.

  • Intellect: Weapon, Cloak, Chest, Bracers, Rings.
  • Strength: Weapon, Cloak, Chest, Gloves, Rings.
  • Agility: Weapon, Cloak, Chest, Boots, Rings.

Don't forget to socket gems if you have any slots on your gear. Alt characters might be difficult to gear completely, but do the most you can with what you have.


Since gear is scaled and players are normalized at the level 50 range, some old gear still can be relevant, especially trinkets.


make sure you have the best trinkets you can equip even if they are from a previous patch of the shadowlands as the effects will be the same as if you had a 252 version on.

Some old trinkets are also strong such as the Arcanocrystal from Legion or Chipped Soul Prism from Warlords of Draenor, which are both strong stat sticks that will scale well into the challenge, so if by chance you have them lying around be sure to use them.

While the content will be scaled very tightly to keep it the same, doing the small things like these will help players on alt characters they might not be as familiar with and reduce the time spent farming certain encounters so be sure to do what you can early to make it a better experience.

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