The Looking For Group Tool Might Be Implemented Into Season Of Mastery

After making its way into the Burning Crusade Classic during Phase 2, the looking-for-group tool might also be in development as a quality of life fix for the Season of Mastery.

Many players often get things mixed up with the Dungeon Finder which is in the Shadowlands version of the game, however, this tool will only act as a feature that allows players to form and find their own groups, and from there still have to travel to the instance themselves.

While the LFG tool may not be used as much as players like in TBC, if the system is implemented at launch, many players will use it during the leveling process and be accustomed to it early, which was the problem with launching it during phase 2.

New spell IDs were found by Wowhead, which indicate the production of the tool for the Season of Mastery.

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The Looking For Group Tool Might Be Implemented Into Season Of Mastery

The current group finder in The Burning Crusade Classic, which is likely to be added to World of Warcraft Season of Mastery.
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
The group finder in Classic TBC

While dungeons are more of a leveling experience in Vanilla, (with the exception of some higher-level dungeons for pre-bis) this tool will help players find groups throughout the initial launch, but more importantly, it will be a smoother experience to find groups while leveling alt characters later in the timeline.

This tool partnered with the announcement that meeting stones will be changes to summoning stones means that the dungeon experience will be a lot more friendly in the Season of Mastery than it was in the original classic.

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