Ragnaros Falls After 2 Weeks In The Season Of Mastery

As the Season of Mastery begins moving into its third week in some regions, Ragnaros has finally been defeated by EU guild <w h o> from the Dreadnaught Realm.

This time around there was less competition racing for the first clear as many players did not want to return to classic for the third time and play at a competitive level, although with the changes and buffs to the difficulty of Molten Core it is still an impressive achievement.

The Ragnaros kill consisted of 2 Warrior Tanks, 6 Hunters, 7 Mages, 4 Rogues, 2 Warlocks, 8 Fury Warriors, 1 Resto Druid, 4 Holy Paladins, and 6 Holy Priests.

Melee was still the dominant class brought by <w h o> despite the removal of World buffs, but what was more surprising may have been the addition of 6 Hunters, although that is not expected to last as we know Hunters start off strong then even out very fast.

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Ragnaros Falls After 2 Weeks In The Season Of Mastery

You can find the full combat log on Warcraftlogs here, and below, watch the final second of the extremely close Ragnaros pull.

As we can see in the clip, the raid is significantly more difficult so it will interesting to see how much of a factor gear plays over time, and once hardcore guilds decide to step into Molten Core, see how much they can clear before losing too many casualties.

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