Can You Transfer Servers In WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery?

The Classic WoW Season of Mastery has now been out for a week, with many players leveling up new characters on this fresh vanilla experience, with increased quest rates, ready to test out all the new mechanics added to level 60 raids.

Many players are even taking advantage of the new Soul of Iron buff, which can be used to tell which characters have not died, which helps for the hardcore community.

Some players may have found themselves on the wrong server, whether they are normal players on one of these hardcore servers decided by the community, or just don't like where they are on, the question is asked, can you transfer server in Classic WoW Season of Mastery?

Currently, there are no transfers free or paid on the Season of Mastery, but just like any other version of WoW players can expect these to open up in the future, and if people keep asking for them, it may come sooner rather than later.

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Can You Transfer Servers In WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery?

The same rules from classic will still apply, players on PvE can only move to other PvE and PvP can move to either.

Many players that rolled on servers picked by the hardcore community have been asking to switch servers, as hardcore characters are not able to play with people who are not flagged as hardcore characters, making the world much smaller and trading almost dead.

If you are a low level maybe it's worth starting fresh on another server, and if not, it shouldn't be too long before server transfers make it to the game, especially considering the shortened length of the Season of Mastery.

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