Blizzard Detail The Design Intentions Behind WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

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Since the announcement of the Season of Mastery last week, players have been in discussions about what they think the seasonal name truly means, and what certain changes mean for the longevity and health of Classic WoW.

Blizzard release a thread on the forums today speaking about their design intentions behind the Season of Mastery, and what they hope to achieve by making some changes.

The overall goal of the game is to create a version of Classic WoW which has "faster progression and more challenging content". Community Manager Kaivax says.

This is reflected in the changes already announced and systems threat will not be seeing any changes, such as increased loot drop from raids.

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Blizzard Detail The Design Intentions Behind WoW Classic: Season Of Mastery

Because of the shorter 12-month cycle, players were worried about the amount of loot that will be available, as each boss only drops 2 items in a 40 man raid size.

Blizzard has said this will stay the same in the Season of Mastery, as it will add to the increased difficulty of the raids. although Blizzard will be monitoring the situation if it does need to be tweaked.


The same can be said for World Buffs, and while Blizzard acknowledges that there are players who enjoy racing through the content as fast as they can, but this first iteration is designed around more challenging content rather than speeding through it.

The Season of Mastery beta is now live, so players can expect to see more changes over the coming weeks or months depending on the length of the test.

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