Negativity in the WoW Community: Asmongold Speaks out About Poor System Designs and Lack of Respect for Players

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has recently spoken out about negativity, criticism, and feedback in the WoW community.

Now that the Shadowlands has been out for 6 months, the player base has begun to run out of content, and with the upcoming 9.1 patch Chains of Domination delayed players have begun to feel serious burnout.

It doesn't stop there though. 9.0 has been the longest-running initial patch of an expansion and players are still voicing their opinions about systems that were negatively received during the alpha and beta tests.

A big point Asmongold raises is that the developers take too long to fix player issues because they are too stubborn to turn back on their own design.

"Stop making systems with obvious flaws. Stop waiting until the .2 or .3 patch of an expansion to implement QOL changes that were suggested in ALPHA" Asmongold says.

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Battle for Azeroth saw each patch adding a new system to fix a problem with the previous systems, which all were outlined by the player base during the alpha-beta tests, and Shadowlands is looking no different.

Negativity in the WoW Community: Asmongold Speaks out About Poor System Designs and Lack of Respect for Players

"I'm sick of it. I was willing to deal with this in Legion with Legendaries and I was less willing to deal with it in BFA with Azerite/Corruptions but now in Shadowlands I, along with many other people, no longer welcome QOL changes with excitement but instead with "about fucking time".

Conduit energy is a big talking point in the community recently. Preach Gaming, another popular WoW content creator had the opportunity to speak with the lead game developer Ion Hazzikostas last week.

Preach explained how Blizzard dev interviews work. Blizzard sends over a list of topics they want to focus on and the content creator sends them a list of topics so they can prepare.

What infuriated the community is that the WoW team wanted to bring up the issue of conduit energy as the main point during the interview, only to say they were keeping the system how it is any the issue should be fixed with how they design the conduits themselves.

Later today we will see another community figure "Slootbag" interview a separate developer, and the community is waiting to see how the team approaches this interview.

Asmongolds Twitlonger resonated with the community and skyrocketed in popularity on Reddit, where it currently has over 11 thousand upvotes and over 3 thousand comments.

The new WoW patch isn't the only thing being criticized by the community. Earlier this week The Burning Crusade Classic was announced and with it many microtransactions that the player base is not happy with.

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"World of Warcraft used to be a game that made you want to waste your time. Now it's just a game that wastes your time." Asmongold voiced his displeasure with these recent changes (or lack of). "The reason I'm sitting here writing this past midnight is not because I'm negative about the game, it's the opposite. It's because fucking love the game. That's why I care so much and I want it to get better."

Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is still undergoing weekly changes on the PTR and has no release date.

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