How to Unlock The Tabard of the Protector In The TBC Pre Patch

If you are familiar with pre-patches in World of Warcraft, you know that there are usually some limited-time rewards and events that take place in the short period of time they last.

The Burning Crusade is no different, however as it was the first pre-patch in the history of the game, the rewards and events in this pre-patch are a bit lackluster.

Still, there are rewards to be earned, and players love to collect unobtainable items that they might have missed out on 15 years ago.

How to Unlock The Tabard of the Protector In The TBC Pre Patch

The Horde and Alliance are preparing to enter the Dark Portal and have set up a war effort in the Blasted Lands.

Travel to the Dark Portal and accept a quest from Agent Proudwell.

He will ask you to kill 6 Invading Felguards that are coming out of the portal.

After you have killed them return to Agent Proudwell and hand the quest in, and he will reward you with the tabard of the protector.

That's it for unobtainable items in the pre-patch, a short 2-minute quest but a cool tabard to add to the collection.

The tabard is a reskin of the argent dawn tabard that was awarded in the Naxxramas opening event however, this new tabard has a unique on-use effect that sends out a holy light and uses the flex emote.

Players will be able to complete this quest until TBC releases on June 1st.

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