How To Check Arena Rating Brackets In The Burning Crusade Classic

The Burning Crusade saw the introduction of the Arena game mode where players would engage in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 battles, for arena points, rating, and of course, prestige.

Because the Arena mode was just implemented, it was lacking a few features back in 2007, although, in the re-released version of Classic, Blizzard has added a new feature allowing players to check the bracket cutoffs in-game.

depending on the rank a player earns each season, dictates what rewards they earn, with players aiming to earn Gladiator ranks to earn rare titles and mounts.

Season one of The Burning Crusade Classic has ended, but players will be looking to enter the Arena for season two shortly.

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How To Check Arena Rating Brackets In The Burning Crusade Classic

Players can travel to the Arena section of Shattrath (73.52, 55.72) and interact with the new bulletin board in the middle of the NPC's. (And hope it isn't crowded with players).

Here, you will be able to view each bracket's cutoffs for the current season, so you know just how much Arena rating you will need to try to achieve to earn the rank you desire.

Ranks will differ for each server, so you will need to check yourself to ensure you get the right numbers.

The different rank percentages are:

  1. Rank One: Top 0.1%
  2. Gladiator: Top 0.5%
  3. Duelsit: Top 0.5 - 3%
  4. Rival: Top 3% - 10%
  5. Challenger Top 10% - 30%

Titles of each bracket will be awarded to players who achieve each ranking, but it will disappear after the season has ended and be replaced with a new one (besides rank one players who keep their limited time rank one title and rare 310% mount.)

Good luck getting those limited-time titles in season two and beyond!

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