One Of World Of Warcraft's Top Classic Raiding Guilds Is Calling It Quits

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APES is a well-known name in the World of Warcraft Classic community, most known for their success in Classic 2 years ago when they were the first guild to take down Ragnaros in Molten Core, during the first week of Classic's release.

APES continued to gain momentum throughout Classic, with early boss kills and high-ranking speed clears.


Despite the smaller raid sizes in The Burning Crusade, APES continued to raid as a guild achieving a top 5 place for Gruuls and Magtheridon kills.

Yesterday Guild Master and Raid Leader Maitoz announced on his stream that he would be quitting World of Warcraft and the guild would no longer be raiding.

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One Of World Of Warcraft's Top Classic Raiding Guilds Is Calling It Quits

"I've been thinking about quitting for a long time now," Maitoz says. TBC wasn't what he and his guild were looking for, and they "kept playing out of a sense of loyalty and friendship, but that only stretches so far".

The guild calls it quits just a few days before the release of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep raids, which make up Tier 5 content.

Maitoz says "it's not like Tier 5 is some kind of magical land with rainbows". "After 15 years of playing wow and 6 and a half years of playing private servers, It's just enough" Maitoz finishes on.

Maitoz said later on in his stream that he believes Classic began going downhill after the release of Blackwing Lair and wishes he had quit sooner.


There are more issues Maitoz outlined in his reasoning for quitting, like Blizzard's recent monetization of the game, rampant bots in the world, and instances, the game becoming a "money factory" for boosters and GDKP runs, "the magic from wow kinda died" he says.

The end of APES might be the start of the end for many guilds, as TBC isn't what a lot of people were hoping for, and most play out of a sense of loyalty and comradery exactly like Maitoz said.