Blizzard Looking To Increase The Punishment For Buying Gold In WoW Classic

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Gold buying has always been an issue in World of Warcraft and with Classic WoW, the issue only arose again and it became much worth this time around.

With The Classic Season of Mastery releasing last week, players get to experience Vanilla WoW again on fresh servers that have not been harmed by issues of gold inflation and gold sellers.

Blizzard made many changes to big gold farming spots in Classic, although one of the main issues is the rampart botters running around the world.

Classic WoW Lead Brian Birmingham spoke about the botting issue in World of Warcraft and addressed many player concerns around bots not getting punished, and dealing with false positives.

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Blizzard Looking To Increase The Punishment For Buying Gold In WoW Classic

Brian spoke at length on the Countdown to Classic Podcast about these issues and you can find the full discussion from 28:00 minutes onwards.

The major takeaway from this interview is planned to increase gold buyers ban punishments from 3 days to something longer to try to deter players from participating in gold buying, but at the same time, the team realizes that the sellers are the real issue and will be doing more to try to prevent them from selling in the first place.

Gold selling can very quickly ruin the game, as GDKP runs or gold-bid raids are a common way for people to raid in Classic WoW but when most people just buy gold, it just makes the rest of the community think they need to also buy gold in order to keep up.

The struggle against bots is never-ending as both Blizzard technology adapts to botting software, and botting software finding ways around Blizzard's systems, but the team is dedicated to ensuring the player experience isn't hindered by gold selling and gold inflation through these methods.

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