Wolfenstein 3: News, Leaks And Everything We Know So Far

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Wolfenstein as a franchise has been around for decades, but Machine Games' latest reboot has reinvigorated the tale of B.J. Blazkowicz.

'Terror Billy' has been hunting Nazis in two mainline games, as well as spinoff The Old Blood, while his daughters took over in most recent title, Youngblood. Still, what's next for the franchise? Here's all we know.


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What Is Wolfenstein 3?

In truth, we don't yet know if there will be a third mainline instalment in the Nazi-slaying franchise, but that's not to say we know nothing. (Spoilers ahead).

According to Machine Games' managing director Jerk Gustafsson in an interview with VG247, Hitler could be coming in the future since he was already dead in Youngblood, having been killed canonically by BJ.


“Some time in the future – it wouldn’t surprise me if he comes back,” he said.

The God Key, an artefact from New Colossus, could also open the opportunity of a multiverse - meaning we could get to jump all over the place.

Latest News

Bethesda Discuss Wolfenstein 3 And Indiana Jones In New Interview - June 17, 2021

While speaking to GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain, Bethesda executive Pete Hines gave us a small update on why Wolfenstein 3 and Indiana Jones weren't at E3, saying ‘We’ll have to wait till we get to the point of wanting to talk about it". You can read more here.

Release Date

We have no idea when the game will even be announced, but we may hear something at E3.


Then again, the developer is currently working on an Indiana Jones title, too, so perhaps not.


Wolfenstein's last mainline instalment, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, launched on PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch, as did Youngblood.

This time around, though, it's a little less cut and dry. That's because Microsoft purchased Machine Games' publisher Bethesda, and now owns the studio and the rights to Wolfenstein.


Whether a third game in the trilogy will land on non-Microsoft systems is anyone's guess, but expect it to hit Game Pass on day one.

Trailer and Gameplay 

There's no trailer or gameplay yet, but we'll update this page as we hear more.